New Resource in the Library: Hein’s National Survey of State Laws

The library is excited to announce a new addition to the collection: Hein’s National Survey of State Laws in both print and electronic format. The survey focuses on the more controversial and popular legal topics in the United States. The print edition is organized alphabetically by category and then alphabetically by subtopic within the category.

The electronic version is packed with functionality, including the ability to browse laws by category, subtopic, and the ability to browse all previous print editions. Additionally, the electronic version contains a searchable database which includes all previous editions.

Below are a few examples of why a researcher would want to use this resource.

Suppose you want to know what the civil statutes of limitations are on breach of contract for a client who does business in different states. With one click on the topic for “civil statutes of limitations” in the electronic database, you can see this information for all 50 states. What is particularly helpful is that you also get the citation information for each statute.
Perhaps you are a faculty member doing research on capital punishment and want to see what states have a death penalty statute and what language variations exist between the statutes. Furthermore, you might want to know any changes in the statute language over a period of time. A researcher can easily see this information by viewing previous editions of the survey which are readily accessible within the topic.
This resource is not only a tremendous time saver but also offers an easy to navigate platform to gather needed information.

To browse other electronic resources you can access through the Charlotte School of Law Library, check out our ResearchGuide Going Digital: Electronic Research Resources. And, as always, contact the LUX desk if you have any questions or need any assistance!

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