Process Of Registration For An Educational Society By NRI

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Understanding About NGO And Society Registration

An NGO, trust, and society are organizations that are formed for a specific purpose. Usually, they are created with a group of people working for a public cause. NGO is a non-profit organization, whereas trust and society are service-oriented but generate income. You can register an educational institution as a society or trust based on your convenience. One can complete the society registration online by visiting the official website. Here you would understand about NGO and its functions. You would also gain a clear understanding of Society registration process

NGO and Its Functions 

An NGO is an association which is formed based on specific economic, educational, social, and religious objectives. A single individual can not own an NGO. The profit earned cannot be held by a single person, and it must be invested in non-profit related activities. NGOs generally generates revenue in the form of donations, gifts, grants, membership fees, etc. An NGO refers to a registered trust or society which is formed for the welfare of the public. Thus these entities or organizations are also called as NGOs.

NGO and its functions

Trust: It is a non-profitable entity in India. It is established for various reasons including relief measures for poverty, offering educational facilities, provide medical assistance and other public welfare functions. The public charitable trust must be registered in the Charity Commissioner’s office to operate legally in India. A trust is eligible to apply for tax-exemption for the revenue it generates.

Society: This is an organization which permits membership of people who work for a charitable purpose. Society is similar to trust, but there are some differences in its structure and features. You must form a society with a minimum of seven members, whereas a trust can be created only with two members. A governing or management committee governs a society. You must register the society at Registrar of Societies under the Societies Registration Act.

Society Registration Process 

There are various steps involved in the society registration process in India. The state government governs the society registration process. The following are the steps in registering a society.

Select A Name: The first thing you must do when registering a society is to choose a valid name for your society. The members of the society should agree with the name. Make sure that no other society is registered under the same name. The name you choose must not seek the patronage of the state government or central government.

Prepare Memorandum Of Association: The memorandum must contain specific details of the members of the society. It must include name, address, and occupation of the members of the society which is to be registered. The following documentsStep by Step Process For Society Registration must be submitted along with the memorandum for society registration.

  1. Provide a cover letter signed by the members of the society requesting for registration of the society.
  2. A duplicate and a certified copy of the memorandum of association
  3. A copy of the rules and regulations of the society signed by its members.
  4. Address proof of the office of the society along with the no-objection certificate

Other Documents Required: For registering a society, you have to submit the following documents

  1. PAN card
  2. Address proof
  3. Residence Proof
  4. Covering Letter
  5. Memorandum Of Association
  6. List of Members
  7. Self-declaration

Registering An Educational Society

It is possible to register an educational institute as a society under the Society Registration Act. Running an educational institute would, of course, generate revenue, but it is considered as charity. One has to follow the above procedure to register an educational institute as a society.

The above offers a clear overview of NGO and Society registration process.

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